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Ground Burial – Mausoleum Entombment – Cremation Memorialization 

  • Flat Markers – Burial services with a “grass marker” which lies flat to the ground at the head of the grave, flush with the grass.

$2850 inclusive of: (Space, Set-up, Opening & Closing – No Marker)

  • Upright Markers – Burial services with a “raised marker” which stands upright out of the ground at the head of the grave.

$2950 inclusive of: (Space, Set-up, Opening & Closing – No Marker)

  • Ash Memorial Wall – Ashes are deposited (on-site) during a special memorial ceremony and an engraved marker is placed on a tribute wall at Greater Golden Gates.


As a show of gratitude for their service, Greater Golden Gates offers a 10% discount on all services to military members.


At Greater Golden Gates Cemetery, we understand that planning funeral and burial services for recently deceased loved ones can be difficult. Deciding on a final resting place for someone else can often be a difficult and emotional decision to make, especially as one grieves and strives to handle other related matters. We offer you the opportunity to consider and finalize arrangements for your own future burial in advance. We strive to make this process as simple as possible while remaining respectful of the solemnity that such a decision requires.

G3 Cemetery and Burial Guide Information

When a loved one dies, one of the immediate next steps is planning the burial. Even those who opt for cremation may choose a cemetery burial, making this a critical consideration for virtually everyone.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, with G3 Cemetery simple step-by-step planning guide will ensure you’ve addressed the most vital pieces of the burial process.

What You Need to Know about Cemetery Burials

If you’ve opted for a cemetery burial with the body itself or cremated remains G3 can provide all your burial needs. Burial plots are classified as either “traditional” or “memorial” gardens, the former allows more ornate headstones, monuments and, even, large private or family collective/group areas whereas the gardens often restrict remembrances to flush ground memorials with family collective/group areas as well, G3 Cemetery offers both.

G3 Cemetery offers four types of ground plots and an ash spreading garden: single, companion, family and cremated remains. As the names would suggest, single and companion plots accommodate one or two caskets, respectively, while family plots are typically small areas dedicated to four or more spaces. The cremated remains can be in the ground like a traditional burial plot or arrayed in our special ash spreading garden area.

G3 Cemetery is available for immediate burials which typically take place within a few days of death, so it’s important to begin planning as quickly as possible. In some religions, burials are slated to occur even sooner (Jews and Muslims), interred within 24 hours of death.

G3 Cemetery will walk you through the steps for each type of burial, including the items you’ll need to purchase immediately. Inclusive of the plot, casket, and vault or liner. Selection of the memorial or monument generally takes place in the weeks or months following the burial.

G3 Cemetery has a designated Military area for our dedicated service individuals, adjacent to the American Armored Forces Recognition area.

Buying a Burial Space

Once you’ve determined the type of plot for your loved one, you’ll need to purchase the grave space itself. Unlike other property purchases, buying a grave doesn’t mean you own the land/ property, the related responsibilities remain with G3 Cemetery. Buying a grave space means you have the authority to determine who will be interred there, as well as the right to install a headstone or memorial on the grave.

G3 Cemetery continually advises, it is always less expensive to purchase a burial plot “in advance”, note of caution… before you secure a grave space, be sure your loved one didn’t leave burial directives or deed instruction in his/her will. And, likewise, hopefully you’re in the

process of pre-planning your own burial, as you consider purchasing multiple spaces from G3 Cemetery to be used by your family in the future. This will not only save money but ensure you’re all interred together when your time (s) come.

Ultimately, the cost of a burial space is based on the location within the cemetery, the type of plot; single, companion, family or cremated remains and the number of plots you’re purchasing at the time. Keep in mind these fees do not include the vault or liner.

General Price List

G3 Cemetery has some of the most affordable cemetery property, and services, in the area. Our Clear, Guaranteed Pricing means you won’t be faced with any hidden charges. Please see attached General Price List.

For your convenience, we have also put together various packages, outlining Cemetery options for both Burial and Cremation. If you have any questions about our G3 packages, please contact us at (334) 303-6141 or www.greatergoldengates.com

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