A beautiful dignified resting place where lives are honored, and memories endure forever.

3951 Washington Ferry Road | Montgomery, AL 36108


Greater Golden Gates Cemetery, a 10-acre cemetery with future sections yet to be developed, has been designed to offer an eternal resting place for everyone. We are comfortably nestled off U.S. Highway 31 near the beautifully landscaped rear entrance to Maxwell Air Force Base. We offer traditional in-ground burial, mausoleum entombment, and cremation memorialization. People from all walks of life are welcomed and sheltered within our gates.





Greater Golden Gates offers one of the most relaxing settings in the River Region. We pride ourselves on offering a pristine park-like atmosphere or meditation area for cemetery visitors. The cemetery is open daily from dawn to dusk. We ask that you assist us in keeping it a place where tranquility and quiet are the norm.


  • Obey cemetery hours

The cemetery will open at daylight and close at nightfall


  • Refrain from touching monuments and headstones of others

Never remove anything from graves such as flowers or tributes left by a family


  • Be respectful of other services or mourners

Please mute phones or turn them off during services


  • Speak softly and politely

Keep your voice down when having conversations


  • Don’t leave trash behind

This shows disrespect to other mourners


  • Don’t play loud music

Be sympathetic


  • Do your best not to walk over the graves

Walk in between headstones and don’t stand on top of graves


  • Leash your pets and clean up after them

When you bring your pets, be sure to clean up after them



Flower Placement Policy


Natural cut flowers and artificial flowers are always encouraged. Greater Golden Gates Cemetery has a policy that the cemetery groundskeeper will remove flowers within 30 days or when they become unsightly. If you are interested in a scheduled placement of floral arrangements, you may contact the cemetery administrator. ***Planting trees, shrubs, and bush plants are prohibited.

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